Pest control services & advice

Why you might need Pest control at home...

RodentYou can have many problems with pest, insect, rodent or mammal and this can happen in any household or work place whether clean or tidy. Rodents can appear in clean & tidy houses with gardens and the reason for these vermin appearing is due to a broken pipe or mancover, when dealing with rodents there are many health issues to consider as they can carry many diseases in their urine like Weils disease. 
Squirrels when entering a property can cause a lot of damage, biting wire and general damage to the home. Squirrels can also cause damage in parkland areas by stripping the bark, taking birds eggs from nests. 

Flying insects, wasps find there place to nest in the spring and when Waspthey are around human activity so they can sting or frighten people. Cockroaches and bedbugs are very common pests. Cockroaches are found during the warmer climates and humid conditions. Bedbugs are active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed. 

Why you might need pest control outside or for your business or farm...

MoleRural pests include moles that when tunnelling push up mounds of soil can cause damage to lawns and meadows. Can also spoil hay or silage crops and can cause injury in a lot of cases due to mounds and dips. 

Foxes can be an issue when fowl are present, or lambs this can be resolved by having a electric stock fence to keep out foxes. Rabbits Foxdamage crops, or gardens and can be controlled by catch or gassing also birds may need to be excluded from buildings and scared off crops. 

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Advice for Common Household pests:

Tony Haynes Pest Control deals with many different pests, insects, rodents and mammals. Please see below for general advice on the control of mice, wasps, rats, garden ants & fleas.

There are a number of signs to look out for if you have mice activity. Droppings are often black, rod shaped and 3-6mm long. Each mouse can leave up to 80 droppings per day. Mice gnaw continually on materials such as wood, carpets, paper, pipe cables & furniture. Mice can carry diseases such as Salmonella Listeria which can cause food poisoning and stomach upsets. It is really important to get rid of mice quite quickly as house mice can reproduce rapidly.

Live in nests that are found in roof spaces, airbricks, cavity walls, garden sheds, trees & flowerbeds. Wasps are very aggressive when they have been disturbed they will sting. They can also cause an allergic reaction known as Anaphylactic Shock, in this case you should get medical attention. Wasps can be very aggressive if a nest is causing a problem it is best to get treated by a professional.

Very active at night but can be seen during the day time looking for food, water and shelter. Rat droppings are capsule-shaped, black and 12mm long. A rat can leave about 40 droppings a day. Rats can build tunnels which can extend deep into the ground. Nests can be found indoors, in lofts or underneath the floor boards. These vermin can breed rapidly and can produce very large infestations, so is best to get rid of them as soon as possible as they can carry many diseases such as Salmonellosis and Weils disease.

Garden Ants
Can find the smallest cracks in buildings and can always locate some food within the building. They also communicate the food to other ants which leads them in the building to feed. If you locate the nest outside this can be destroyed by pouring boiling water all over it.